Barbara Marx Hubbard


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  • Integrate the connection between the universe and you
  • Discover how science is catching up with spirituality
  • Build community on a global level
  • Learn where longevity secrets and science converge
  • Find out how you can heal our world by healing yourself

Keynote Speakers who will rock your inner and outer world!

Barbara Marx Hubbard

John Perkins

Vandana Shiva

David Wilcock

James Van Praagh

Nassim Haramein

Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar

Kyle Cease

Gail Thackray

Master Zhi Gang Sha

Corey Goode

Lisa Garr & Jennifer McLean

Eric Pearl

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Ancient Aliens


Living In Vitality

George Noory Spacship Earth

Conscious Parenting

Talking to Spirit


Sacred Activism

Jimmy Church - Fade to Black

Spiritual Healing

Planetary Healing Ceremony

Permaculture Program offering sustainable solutions!

Emy Shanti

Master Sha

Mabel Katz

René Mey



Angel Luis Fernandez






Gita Pimentel

Mas Sajady

Eric Pearl


Enrique Villanueva

Don José Ruiz

Karmen Dehesa

Noé Esperón

Mila Maren

Cristian Ramos

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